Sunday, October 24, 2010

Danielle's Farm

We, like many others, feel so fortunate to have had such WONDERFUL weather. This weekend, we decided to spend some time enjoying the great outdoors at Danielle's Farm. Charlotte was about to explode with happiness at the thought of going to the pumpkin patch to pick out a pumpkin.

Posing Pretty

Noticing how much our little girl is growing up!

We were especially very aware of how much MORE fun we had with Charlotte this year, able to be very hands off and without her walker. What a blessing! She has accomplished so much this year. Here she is weaving in and out of the hay maze with ease.

Charlotte was extremely excited about the pony ride. This is the first time she had ever ridden the pony. As we stood in line, I had visions of her wanting the chicken exit right before it was her turn to mount the horse. Quite the contrary, our little might got right on and owned the pony! Whom I might add, is named Tony. (In the car on the way home Charlotte says "I rode Tony, the Pony - hahaha")

Looking like a big girl up on the pony

Charlotte always loves the tire swing. The more you spin it, the more she giggles!

As if she hadn't had enough swinging!

Time for the electronic pony ride. Not quite as great as the real thing, but still evoked many giggles and smiles!
I am beginning to think Charlotte may take up farming, she looks like she belongs on that tractor.

Mom was behind the camera most of the day, but stopped for a photo op without our pumpkin of choice.

The Hawns

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