Sunday, November 28, 2010

Working Backwards

Trying to get caught up today, so this is a blog post of random pictures from recent events. Starting with the most exciting... Chris turned 30!! He was pleasantly surprised by a "surprise party" in his honor, thrown in our very own garage. I arranged a few friends & family to join in for a fun night of "Texas Hold'em". All who participated had a great time, and no money was lost!!!

The Group of Guys

Chris' headlights shining in the garage. As he pulled in the driveway and saw my car parked outside, he knew something was up. He was on the phone with his dad as he pulled in, and his dad was in the garage. Priceless moment, so glad I could pull this one off! Thanks for everyone's help!

Here are a few pictures from the farm this year... Charlotte is always excited to wear cammo like the boys!

Daddy and his "tom" girl

Charlotte was invited to her best friend's birthday celebration this year. Bowling for just the two of them. Faith was turning 5, as you can see, more than a head taller than Charlotte. So, faith would put the balls on the rack, and Charlotte would take her turn pushing them. They were a great team, and it was so fun seeing Charlotte play with one of her friends.

Great Grandpa & Grandma Davidson came to visit

Baby Isaac, born 11/1/10
This is Charlotte's new cousin, Isaac. He made his entrance into this world on his due date! We were all so excited to see him, and Charlotte was especially proud to hold him. She sat in the chair without budging for probably about 25-30 minutes, not wanting us to pick him up. She was so gentle, and beaming as she looked him over.

Charlotte LOVED Halloween this year! Dressed as the princess, Cinderella, she was very happy to go walking from door to door to get candy with Daddy. She doesn't eat much of the candy, but caught on to "trick or treating" quickly, and enjoyed giving candy out to other kids too.

Happy Halloween!

The Hawns

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