Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tricycle Riding

Charlotte has been working particulary hard during her extra session of Physical Therapy on mastering the skill of tricycle riding. She has a nice smoothe surface at Ranken Jordan to practice on, and her PT, Jamie, uses some special gauze tape to strap her feet to the pedals so she can focus on pushing with her legs instead of keeping her feet on the pedals (one thing at a time). At home, we don't have that special tape, however, we have modified her tricycle with hair rubberbands. This was her first trip out on her tricycle this season and she was all grins and so proud of herself.

Daddy even had to scoot her seat back this year. She has grown!!! An equal accomplishment to learning to ride her tricycle.
One thing she is particulary good at is steering. She is used to steering her walker, so the tricycle is not that much different. Sometimes she gets so focused on her feet, she forgets to steer, but most of the time, she does pretty good. The motion of reciprocal pushing with her legs is hard for her, especially when her left side is weaker, but she is so determined to be a big girl.
In the video, there was another little girl riding her bike across the street. I think that made Charlotte especially happy to be "just like her".

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