Monday, May 17, 2010

Career Day at Preschool

Charlotte's preschool had career day a couple of weeks ago. As soon as I heard about it, I could hear Charlotte's voice once saying "I want to be a nurse like Mommy and help babies". Immediately, I set out to make her a set of scrubs just like mine that I wear to work. A white top with navy embroidery on it, and navy pants.

Charlotte knows a lot about what I do because she has been down to the department I worked in several times. Once, the nurses even took her around with them to go see a couple of patients. She got several smiles and she seemed to be having a lot of fun.

I worked hard on her scrubs, and when they were finished, I was sure she would love them too. What do you think???

Charlotte even had a REAL stethoscope, which she easily explained that is how you listen to the baby's heart.

Very proud of her scrubs and stethoscope.

We let Charlotte listen to our heartbeats with the stethoscope and then handed her the cabbage patch doll. She had a pretty puzzled look on her face as she listened for her heartbeat too... :)

Mommy, so proud of my little nurse, Charlotte

My "mini me"

I am not sure if Charlotte will really grow up to be a nurse. These days, she tells us she wants to be a rainbow or a flower. However, she does know a lot about "medicine" already, and can tell you exactly how to put on a blood pressure cuff. She knows when we get to the blood lab at Children's and St. John's. I can only hope that through all she has experienced, she finds some way to make the best of it. Maybe, like me, she will want to help others.

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Heather said...

Charlotte was certainly the talk of career day. Me and Felicia couldn't get over how cute she looked in her scrubs! The pictures of the both of you together are the icing on the cake though. I love how even your shoes match! Too cute! :o)