Monday, May 17, 2010

Grant's Farm - Brrr, is it supposed to be this cold in May??

If you recall, Mother's Day Weekend was unseasonably chilly. My sister and I were excited about my Mother and Grandmother coming in town for the weekend, so we planned a fun trip to Grant's Farm. The tram would cut down the walking, and we could spend some time out in the sun.

When the forecast came in, we were not about to let chilly temperatures change our gameplan. So, we went to Grant's Farm. The tram, which we originally thought would be great, was brisk to say the least. We couldn't wait to get off as the wind blew through the cars and chilled us to the bone. Bundled with jackets, hoods and blankets, we still couldn't keep warm. Especially Chris, who decided he could leave his jacket in the car...

Grandma snuggling Charlotte in to keep warm

This is how we rolled through Grant's Farm. Charlotte almost walked the whole way, but some of the hills were just too steep.

Petting the miniature ponies. They got upclose and personal, and so did Ian, as he helped pick the pony's nose

Charlotte caught one glimpse of the carousel and pleaded to ride (nicely). We couldn't say no. The smile on her face is worth the $2.

Great Grandma Pool, Grandma Valorie, Ian and Charlotte. We had such a great time and were so glad to bring them to Grant's Farm.

Daddy, getting friendly with the camels.

I am not sure if the kids are supposed to be sitting up there, but it made for a cute picture. Look ma, no hands! j/k

And then my favorite part, the stables. I love seeing the clydesdale horses, especially the mom's and babies. These two were particulary adorable, playful together.

The Hawns

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