Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Stride & Ride FUN!!!

First of all, THANK YOU to everyone who donated money to the Stride & Ride for the MDA this year! Our team raised over $700.00! and the overall total for the event was more than $75,000!! I would say that is a success, considering they raised $30,000 more than last year. Pretty cool that the St. Louis community and our friends and families were a part of that and reached out to help other families that need the help of MDA.

We had never participated in the Stride & Ride, so we were not sure what to expect. We had a great time and all involved had a lot of fun, especially the kids. The morning started out like a pure dream for Charlotte. Anyone that knows her, knows she is very excited about Mickey or Minnie Mouse. As we were walking in to the mall, I noticed that there were some Disney Characters getting dressed outside. We went on in, and as we were standing at the registry table, the doors opened, and the awww on Charlotte's face was priceless. Here they were, coming straight to her, light shining behind them as if they were Angels themselves. She was so overcome with excitement, she was trembling head to toe. She was electified with excitement, and as the kneeled next to her, she hugged them and was speechless. Her day was already made, before the fun had even begun.

Meeting the characters for the first time
One of our first tasks was to make a poster for our group. Here is Aunt Kim, helping out.

Chris is the artistic one, not me, and Uncle Matt pitched in too.

Even cousin Jeff did some coloring

The whole group that came and walked with us. Thank you, everyone, for remembering Ryan with us, and remembering how important it is to give to organizations that make a difference.

A quick family photo

Grandpa and Charlotte flash their smiles

Charlotte was given this pig by a college friend of ours, Stacy. We thought it only fitting to bring her along for Charlotte's basket decor.

Saying a prayer together before the walk began. I love Charlotte's precious little hands clasped together.

Julianne hitching a ride on Uncle Matt. Maybe this is why they call it the "stride & ride"??

Charlotte put out her hitch-hiker thumb about 1/3 of the way around the 1 mile trip. She did her best, but was holding up the parade, so Chris picked up her walker and I flung her on my hip so we could catch up. She even got to ride on a few shoulders, Grandpa's and Daddy's.

Once we reached the finish line, her friends were right there waiting for a hug.

You don't see this everyday, Spidy

As if seeing the characters wasn't enough, she even got to ride the carousel with them! An opportunity of a lifetime for her.

Aunt Sara and cousin Ian

Charlotte, enjoying life just as a 3 year old should, marching to the beat of her own drum and loving every minute of it.

The Hawns

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