Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Where Is Charlotte?

Every night we go in to tuck Charlotte in under her covers before we go to bed. Can you find her in this picture?

Look hard.

How about a closer look?

And then again... If you are laughing out loud, so were we. We aren't quite sure how she got down there or why it seemed more comfortable than her bed. We hadn't found her outside of her bed for a long time. She was laying as straight as a pencil next to the wall. When she was first learning to sleep in a "big girl bed" we would find her asleep next to the door every night. We tucked her back in and I don't think she ever woke up. Sweetie.

The Hawns


sma1mom said...

That's TOO funny! Once we found Peyton under the bed. I thought for a millisecond that someone came into the house and STOLE her while we were sitting there watching Tv and then we found her sleeping under the bed.

Kristin Webb

Anonymous said...

Over the years my nieces and nephews loved to lay near or on a heat/ac vent and would sometimes fall asleep there. I think they liked the air blowing on them. Was there a vent on the floor where Charlotte was sleeping?

dickinsonfamily said...

Oh that was hilarious! Thanks for sharing a laugh. :) What a sweetheart. I'm so glad she had a great birthday party too.


Joni Sampel said...

That is way too funny. I too laughed out loud. Thank you for sharing your little girl with all of us.

Anonymous said...

THat's hilarious! I have a pic of Nathan asleep on the floor next to his train table. They're such heavy sleepers!
Love the pics of the birthday party too!
Karen T

Bethany said...

That's hilarious!! At first I didn't even see her! :)