Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Easil Painting

The day of Charlotte's Party at the Playground, we had her come home and rest a while on the couch. But, we had one more gift to give her, from Grandma and Grandpa Hawn. I had told them to look around for an easil for her. To our surprise, there was a garage sale near our house the other day, selling one for just $20.00. Right price, right item. SOLD! It is double sided, very sturdy for a girl who needs to hang on, has storage and even folds down into a little table. It was perfect and I was so happy we discovered this awesome buy for our little artist. She loves to paint and it is great for her to practice balance, fine motor skills and just have fun. Grandma and Grandpa got her all set up with paints, brushes, no spill cups, chalk and paper. When we gave it to her, we let her try it out right away. We all had a great time seeing how excited she was, and proud of herself too.

It has probably come to your attention that she is wearing a very oversized shirt and just a diaper, no pants. Long story short... we thought we should try just putting her in underwear, and just take her to the bathroom every few hours. Bad idea. We were so excited about playing with her new present that we didn't get her to the potty in time. When she was painting, we couldn't figure out why she kept slipping. Once she even slipped all the way under the easil. When I got down to pick her up, I put my hand in a wet, soppy mess. Woops. She was slipping in her puddle of pee pee. We had to do a quick change and resorted to the diaper. The oversized shirt was to protect her pretty one underneath. Grandpa placed the crown on her head for just the right look. So funny. A moment we will probably never forget.

Painting with Grandma.

The Artist's Masterpiece
The Hawns

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Andrea said...

beautiful work!
good luck with potty-training. The first week was torture for me- see you if can find some plastic "undies" to cover her training pants. I got mine at Target or Walmart. It seemed to do pretty good at keeping the wetness in.
I remember with A. one of the first days I took her to the park and suddenly noticed a strange line forming in the sand under her and she swung back and forth... ewww!