Sunday, October 4, 2009

"Zachary's Playground" Birthday Party

Charlotte had such a great time playing with everyone who came to her 3rd Birthday Bash! I am so sorry that I am just now getting pictures posted. Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate with us. It was a beautiful day and we were thankful to have so many people there to make her party special. Here are some pictures.

Charlotte LOVES the tire swing. Here, she is hanging on tight with Hayden Wooldridge and Peyton Wisdom.

Looking up at me for a snapshot.

There is a little bridge on the upper level of the park (which is also handicap accessible). She would squeal as she pushed to get to the top, and then whized down the other side of the ramp. She loves it when her wheels are moving fast!

A cute little parade... Maddison Wooldridge, Jeff Hawn, Audrey Forth and Charlotte.

Making way under the dragon. Thomas Forth climbing above her.

Becky LeMasters and I successfully made and decorated our own cookie cake. I just made the dough like I normally would and smoothed it onto my "Pampered Chef" pizza stone (for even baking). I added about 5 minutes to the directions. When it was done cooling, we got creative. Charlotte likes Elmo, even though we don't watch any of his movies and she doesn't really watch Sesame Street, she totally knows who he is. It was fun making him. Thanks Becky!

Charlotte has a thing - a thing about Happy Birthday. You see, it isn't so happy for her. For some reason, the sheer thought of people singing happy birthday sends her into a bawling, tearful, scared mess. We aren't sure why... but we sang to her anyway. It doesn't even matter it is someone else's birthday, if the song is being sung, she is upset. However, she likes to sing the song herself. Anyway, if anyone figures this one out, let me know. All we can hope is that someday she will like "Happy Birthday". Here, you see her covering her eyes in FEAR as we sang. I even asked everyone to sing softly, thinking that would help. Maybe we'll get smiles next year. Until then, we will laugh about it.

The last 2 years of her birthday, she has not wanted the sweet treat I made, regular cake or cheesecake. So, since I knew she liked cookies, I decided to opt for Cookie Cake this year. Looks like I finally got something right. For the first time, she ate her birthday treat. I love this picture with her mouth WIDE open. Yum yum.

Opening Presents... Thank you everyone!

She and I swinging on the rope web. This piece of equipment for the playground was donated by Boeing. It is really neat. Charlotte was pretending to be a monkey...

Posing with Grandpa Hawn & Dad.


Our big Little 3 year old
Charlottte Ann Hawn

The Hawns

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Amy said...

My niece was the same way with the Happy Birthday song. She would totally freak out. She did eventually outgrow it, but I don't remember at what age. (She is 8 now, so you should have less than 5 years left!)

Amy Childs (Nathan's sister)