Monday, October 12, 2009

CMSU Homecoming & Nursing 50th Anniversary

This past weekend, we went back to our alma mater, Central Missouri State University, in Warrensburg, MO. All four of us, Chris, myself, Sara and Nathan, graduated there in 2003 or 2004. It was wonderful walking on campus again since Chris and I had not been back since we were married in the chapel on campus in June of 2004. It was like our own little 5 year reunion.
We also met up with a couple of our friends from Central, Jayson & Meghan Gray and their new son, Andrew, and our friend Dave Ceule. We went to the homecoming football game and then that evening, Sara and I attended the Nursing Program's 50th Anniversary. We were the only representatives from each of our classes, but enjoyed each other's company, the food, and visiting with the faculty.

Charlotte didn't appreciate the loudness of the football game much. She pretty much spent the entire first half of the game with her head burried in my coat. She only looked up for entertainment from my sister with a book or two and finally, for the band performance at half time. She liked the drums a lot. Since it was such a cold day, and Charlotte was much less than thrilled to be there, we left at half time with the "Mules" comfortably winning, 37 to 3.

The Hemmanns

the field before the game began

Sara and I at the Nursing dinner. "The twins", as all of the faculty kindly called us.
The Hawns

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