Saturday, July 25, 2009

Prayers and To-Do List

Ryan didn't have a great day today. He has been very sleepy and I have only seen his eyes once today (Jenn hasn't seen them at all). This afternoon he opened them as I walked in his room and began to talk to him. He looked at me and gave me a great big grin/smile. Soon after, I had to suction him, and away they went. We have both missed Ryan a lot today, which sounds strange to type since he has been in our house all day. We have him in our room tonight in the pack-n-play. Jenn wanted him close, and I didn't have any reason to disagree. Part of me also wanted him close. We both hope today was an off day, and not the start of another decline. Tomorrow will tell. Please pray for him.

I also wanted to do a little catch up and make a list of posts we still need to do. Jenn will be the first to tell you that I am a list person. I get that from my mother and grandmother who both like to write things down. I find it better to write them down, than have to keep reminding myself that I need to do them.

Here are three articles that Danielle Smith wrote about Ryan and our family in the past week or so. We wrote about her web tv show that she did, but never posted links to the articles she wrote. Thanks again Danielle for all that you have done.

We still need to post about:
1. The Trivia Night - we have been wanting to give a grand total of how much we raised. The donations are still coming in, and we have just been too busy to post. We are also still waiting for some more pictures.

2. Thank You - Jenn and I decided rather than send out 300+ thank you letters, that we would do a "thank you" post. We also were worried that if we send letters, or created a list of people/places, that we would forget someone.

3. Coldplay - We were brave enough to have another night out on Friday and attended a concert by Jenn's favorite band.

4. McAlister's Deli Fundraiser - We should find out Monday how much was raised today. Thank you to all who showed up and ate. We heard from several people that there was a great turn out, and Jenn and Charlotte were even able to make a stop by while they were running errands.

I'm sure I have forgot some other stay tuned.

Goodnight....I hope.....,


Terry Hawn said...

Love all four of you very, very much! Hope you have a peaceful night and wake up ready and refreshed for another new day. Good night, Sleep tight(Don't let the bedbugs bite). I'll pray for you in my evening prayers.
Lots of love sent your way-
Mom Hawn

The Smith Family said...

Praying that last night was full of peaceful sleep and that today is a better day, full of gazing into those big, beautiful eyes!

Justin, Amber & Nathaniel