Friday, July 3, 2009


We have had more medical drama than "ER" in our family in the past 3 days. It all started with Kristy's Dad, Thursday morning, needing to be rushed to the hospital after passing out. Luckily today he is being discharged... Then that evening, Ryan gave us a good scare, dropping his O2 sat for about 10 minutes and turning colors we should never see him turn. And finally, today, Chris' mother was having some discomfort in her chest and is at St. John's for further testing. Luckily everything looks okay so far, we are thankful that she is more comfortable now. Some of Chris' extended family is has also had some difficulties, his Great Uncle Virgil. Oh, and Charlotte threw up twice last night. After receiving the phone call today, I was wondering what was going to happen next, and quickly realized I should not spend any time wondering about those things. We already had enough to worry about, I was not going to beckon more.

So, to everyone who needs a little healing right now, I pray that you receive it and peace as well.

The Hawn Family

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