Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Trivia Night T-Shirt

The trivia night t-shirt design has been finalized and we are now ready to take orders. The t-shirts will cost $10 each or $15 if we will need to mail it. The shirt will be "sky blue" and the below graphics will be printed on the front pocket and centered on the back. If you would like to place an order email your Name, Address, Number of Shirts and Size(s) (Indicate Adult or Child) to aimemclean2@sbcglobal.net with the Subject: Trivia T-Shirt.
We will try to place an order early enough to have shirts available at the Trivia Night. Even if you are attending the Trivia Night, ordering them before hand will help us estimate the number we need to have printed.

If we are able to get the t-shirt to you through friends/family (AKA Osawatomie, Independence, Perryville) let us know. It will save us from having to mail them and save you $5. You can pay for the shirt(s) once you get it or if you need to mail a check, let Amy know via email and She'll send you a mailing address.

(Front Pocket)

(Back ,Centered - Wings Shown Gray, Will Print White)

If your wondering why SMA does not appear on the t-shirt, there is an explanation. Jenn and I decided that the trivia night would help our family as well as benefit organizations that have made an impact on our family (Good Shepherd School for Children, Wings (BJC), and First United Methodist Church of St. Charles). Although we plan on raising awareness about SMA on July 18th, and plan on supporting SMA organizations in the future, we didn't want to misrepresent the trivia night as benefiting an SMA organization.
- Chris

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Anonymous said...

Jenn and Chris,
Plan on a Good Shepherd table. We're working on filling one up!