Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Stem Cell Cinical Trial

I know this is a topic of controversy, but I am going to ask anyway. There is a clinical trial that will be brought before the FDA sometime "mid 2009" that is wanting to inject motor neuron stem cells directly into the spinal cord of children with SMA type 1. They have done studies on mice with no negative feedback and the mice have shown improvement. They are waiting for the FDA approval right now for a human clinical trial with this method. I have done a lot of research about why this clinical trial may be very effective for children with SMA type 1 and it seems too good to be true. But, that is all we can cling to right now, and I am praying that this trial is approved to give our son a chance to live. Will you pray for that with me?

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Anonymous said...

I will certainly pray for any opportunity to try to help Ryan!!
Love you guys!
Great Aunt Kelly

kelly S said...

I will pray for this.....I agree it can be a good thing

Ellen said...


Lisa P said...

I am in 100% support!!!

The Smith Family said...

Will add this to our nightly prayers for your family!!