Sunday, June 14, 2009

Jeremy Project Pictures

The next highlight of our day was when Darcy, from Jeremy Project, came over to take pictures of our family. The quilt you see in the pictures is our Wedding quilt, made by my mother with very much love. This quilt is so special that we only use it on our Anniversary. We chose to have pictures taken on the quilt because it symbolizes the ties that bind us together. Our love for eachother and the love of God.
The pictures below were taken by Chris and I of the kids after the session was over. We should have the pictures taken by Darcy in a couple of weeks. These are very special to us, especially since we took all of Ryan's "tubes" off for the session. Our children are absolutely beautiful...
little Lady

brother & sister

a kiss on the cheek

holding Ryan close

handsome angel

blue eyes - they say so much

ten tiny toes

this is the lable that mom embroidered on the quilt, our Wedding date and location. where our story began...

Ryan Michael Hawn

My mom was coming in town for the weekend, she arrived just in time to help with our photo session and to sneak in a snuggle with Ryan.

The Hawns


Meghan Gray said...

Beautiful photos! What a precious keepsake!

Anonymous said...

These pictures are wonderful. What beautiful children!
Love, Angie Stonner