Sunday, June 14, 2009

Don't Feed the Ducks

On Friday, we celebrated our 5 year Wedding Anniversary! To celebrate the day with our children, we decided to take an outing that morning to feed some ducks near our house. We were a little disappointed, bread in hand, that when we arrived the sign explicitly said "Do Not feed the ducks :(" So.... we did what any desperate couple would do and decided to stroll around the pond anyway. Charlotte was still munching on some tortilla from her breakfast burrito and some of it happened to fall on the ground.... So the ducks really, really liked us! We weren't throwing bread at them, but definitly bent the rules slightly... I don't think any harm was done.
Ryan was asleep for most of the walk but I think he enjoyed the fresh air.

Charlotte was very well behaved in her stroller. She was so content seeing all of the ducks and geese.

These baby ducks took us by surprise! We came upon them with their momma duck standing beside them. They were all huddled together, 12 to be exact. Chris pretended to throw some food to them and the scattered! -trying to come get some food. There was one in particular that was very brave. Some of them even came underneath Charlotte's stroller and nibbled my toes.

The brave one.

saying "give hug"

A great memory for a memorable day.

On another "baby note", CONGRATULATIONS is in order for the Frosts, who welcomed their second baby boy, Ethan on Friday. We hope you are adjusting well. You deserve so much happiness!
The Hawns


The Frost Family said...

Thank you Hawn's! We are doing well and glad to be home together.

Happy 5th Anniversary. It looks as though you were able to enjoy it with your two favorite little people.

The Frost's

Andrea said...

Happy 5 year anniversary! We celebrate our 5 year in July. Time sure flies by!!!

Stefany said...

Just reading old posts...

I know exactly where this is because we promised my 3 year old we would feed ducks and then found out you can't there. :( He was bummed and so was I. It is so close and there are always ducks there.