Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Move South (2/2/09)

Are new home is NICU South, and what a place it is. Although it sounds like our stay in South will be short (Sweet!), we now have a private pod (room) which is very nice. Jenn is able to use the breast pump in the room, rather than waiting for one of two rooms to open up at the North end. It is also much quieter and more relaxing - there is a couch and recliner and you can control the lighting yourself. It sounds like the little guy is just days away from the big trip home. Enjoy the pics.

A cool new hat from the hospital. He thinks it makes him look older.

We added a family picture to his open crib so his sister could keep an eye on him. And yes I still have all my hair (as you can see).

This is the first outfit we (Jenn) dressed him in at the hospital. "No pictures please."

My first shot at feeding my son. For the record, I think he ate the most he ever had (45 cc).
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Kristi said...

You all are so very Blessed! I hope someday we can meet, I have followed you since before Charlotte was born and feel that you are two people who I would love to meet. You truly amaze me with the love that you have for each other and your children. It transcends the internet and the miles and shows in each and every post. God Bless you all and I pray Ryan will be home soon.