Sunday, February 8, 2009

Time for Home (2/5/2009)

So today was the big day. Time to go home. And great news, Ryan is back to his birth weight - 4 lbs 15 oz. Exactly one pound larger than Charlotte was when we brought her home.

So lucky for us Jenn and I had already picked out the "coming home outfit" for the baby. Jenn picked the girl outfit and I was given the task of the boy outfit. We will be returning Jenn's outfit soon :) Keep in mind, the clothes are new born size...which is good because little Ryan is too long for preemie clothes.

Here is mommy dressing Ryan for the trip home in this wonderful cotton doggy sleeper and a striped fleece jacket for the outerwear. There were blue pants to match, but as you can imagine they were a bit large in the waist. And no, the jacket is not a trench coat. All in all, I think I made a good selection. Something comfortable enough to wear for a casual car ride home, but can be dressed up for a night out on the town if we decide to take a detour on the way.

A family picture before we leave. (Yes, I know...Charlotte is missing, she will be picked up from day care on the way home - See Below)

Size comparison: Here is Ryan on the left and Charlotte on the right in the same car seat. Hard to tell the 1 lb difference.

As mentioned above, we swung by the day care to pick up Charlotte on the way home. Here she is getting a look at her new back seat buddy.

Now this picture doesn't show Charlotte's true feelings about her new baby brother coming home. She is upset in the picture because she is obsessed with our camera. She feels that any picture that is taken, she should be able to view it on the camera display screen. In this, case she was not allowed to (note the face).

However, after she quickly calmed down, the true Charlotte surfaced. With Ryan still in the car seat, Jenn left the room and I turn my back. When I turned back around I found Charlotte on her knees at the front of the car seat, rocking it. It was very cute. She then proceeded to lean in and kiss Ryan. Of course we did not capture any pictures of this, however the video below was taken soon after, while she was still being the "sweet" big sister. At the beginning of the video you'll see me lower the camera behind the couch. This was to avoid another meltdown if she saw me taking a picture/video. Meltdown Avoided! The other cute part of the video is when Jenn asks if she wants to give Ryan a kiss (this after she already had snuck one.) Her response..."NO NO"

More to come soon,
The Hawns


John & Kelly said...

Welcome home Ryan! I'm sure it feels good to have everyone living in the same place again!

The Heidts
PS We can't wait to meet him, but we have to wait for the sniffles to go away :(

Our Crew said...

Congratulations you guys! He is a real cutie! Glad you are all home safe!