Saturday, February 7, 2009

NICU Update

Some happenings during his NICU North stay:

Note: NICU North is for the very sick babies. As their conditions improve they are transferred to NICU South and then home. We are now waiting for an open spot in South...YAY!! Nurses say he was never sick enough to be a "North" baby anyhow.

Hold on to your hats!

They monitored his jaundice and his levels were near the borderline a few times, but never high enough to treat. Once they got a reading that showed his levels were dropping, he was in the clear. No tanning bed for Ryan. You'll have to wait for the St. Louis summer sun for your first tan after all.

In a previous post I wrote that Ryan's weight dropped to 4 lb 2 oz....that was incorrect. It went as low as 4 lbs 10 oz, Jenn misheard the nurse. Just wanted to clear that up.

His feedings are going well. He still gets tired pretty quick but his appetite is improving each day. Due to his low stamina they did end up placing a NG tube so they could feed him the remainder of the bottles he couldn't finish. But like his sister, he pulled the tube out the first night and he never gave them a reason to replace it after that. Go Ryan!

Close up with NG tube. Do you think he is already plotting on how to get it out that night?

This is a photo of one of Charlotte's visits to the NICU. We decided early on that the hospital wasn't a great place for Charlotte to hang out. Even though we wanted her to spend time with her new brother we knew she would have plenty of time once he came home. Besides trying to keep a crawling 2 year old entertained, she was a little overwhelmed by all the stuff going on in the NICU (monitors beeping, babies crying, lots of people in and out).

Here is the first picture we had taken with the two of us and Ryan.

The Hawn's

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