Monday, September 29, 2008

Birthday Favorites

These are some of my favorite pictures from her Birthday and birthday party. She had a great 2nd Birthday!
Grandma got her these balloons. They were sent on her birthday and arrived during her nap. I let her see them and play with them first thing when she got up.

This is probably my favorite picture ever that she has taken with her Daddy. We went to Red Robin that night to celebrate.

She got a free ice cream sundae. She looks a little intimidated by it.

Opening presents that night. She really got into it this year.

When I was in the store shopping the other day, she ooohhhhhed over the Mickey Mouse on this bottle. It is bubble bath, and Charlotte is so sensitive skin, I thought there was no way she could have it. However, I was pleased to find that it is came home with us and she's had a lot of fun with the bubbles.

Clothes from Mom & Dad

These pictures were taken at the Chandler Hill Winery. We weren't really celebrating her birthday that day, but I LOVE them. The picture below is one of the best she has ever taken with me.

Just before her party started, Sharlie got to spend some time with her cousin Ian, Aunt Sara & Uncle Nathan.
Momma's big girl

Charlotte hadn't seem to like regular cake much, so I thought I'd see if she liked Cheesecake better. She ate some of it, but I think the whole ordeal just distracts her a little too much.

Eating cake after we sang Happy Birthday

Mommy gets a bit, Charlotte gets a bite... pretty good deal to me?!

Taking a stab at it

Charlotte had a very good time being pushed in her car. She loves it when her Daddy pushes her really fast! She was giggling the whole time.

Taking a breather...

Charlotte has been getting better at walking all of the time. She is doing much better with her walker and with walking with me holding just 1 hand.

An example of the bubbly fun she's having...

Thank you everyone who came to her party and wished Charlotte a Happy Birthday this year. It was such a good bithday for Charlotte and her parents.

The Hawns

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dickinsonfamily said...

I love her facination with the balloons. I bet that picture made grandma so happy she got her those!!
The pictures of her with Chris and then with you are priceless. Please tell me those will be in frames soon. She has such a beautiful smile!!
Natalie has never had a bubble bath b/c of her sensitive skin. I think I'll be searching for that bubble bath now! I bet Charlotte had a blast with the new bubbles. Thanks for sharing all of those pictures.