Monday, September 29, 2008

Big Girl Things

Turning Around - Charlotte was getting pretty cramped in her car seat. So... even though we haven't met the 20 lb. mark, we have hit the 2 year mark and made the decision to face her forward. She enjoyes looking out the windows and seems to like it.

Transitioning - We are slowly transferring Charlotte's things to her new room. Now when we tell her to go in her room, she goes in her new room. This is a doll bed my mother made for her last year for her birthday. She is just starting to play with dolls and immitate those kinds of things. As soon as the bed went in her room, she was playing with it.

Charlotte took her first nap in her "big girl bed" the Friday after her birthday. She got up a couple of times and I had to guide her back in bed, but she did eventually sleep there and has for the last 4 days. We just put the twin mattress on the floor for safety and I got her a life-size Minnie Mouse for a sleeping buddy, just in case she felt lonely in a bigger bed. Today was the first day she didn't get up when she layed down.

The Hawns

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