Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Birthday Eve

Charlotte's birth was one of the most magical and scariest moments of my life. I remember praying she would cry right away, and she did. I remember the relief I felt when we heard her little voice calling to us. I remember the anguish I felt when I couldn't hold her, cuddle her, or tell her she was our precious daughter. I remember not knowing where to touch her or how, and hoping that I wouldn't disrupt the rest she desperately needed so she could get strong and come home with us as soon as possible. Because that is where we wanted to be, but as a family.

I remember vividly the days leading up to her delivery (even though I didn't know her delivery was coming). Today and the past few days, I re-live them as if they were yesterday in my mind. The people I saw, the words they said to me, the prayers they lifted up for our daughter, the way they listened when I needed someone to hear my heart; family, friends and caregivers. I am so blessed to have had so many people that cared deeply for myself and our baby's well-being. Today, being pregnant again brings a whole new set of emotions that I didn't have last year. Even when Charlotte was born, we didn't know truly what lay ahead. With this pregnancy, as many of you know, that is the one thing we are hoping to be able to prepare for. The days have gone by, me remembering the past and praying for what the future holds. As a family, we can only hope that no matter what is ahead, God will see us through. He has so far, even though one day may be challenging, the next much to celebrate. He is ther each and every step. We have much to celebrate today. Our beautiful daughter whom we are priviledged to care for and be loved by, our strong marriage, our supportive family and friends and the grace to accept life for its challenges and joys.

The Hawns


John & Kelly said...

Look how tiny and perfect she was! And still is! Happy birthday Charlotte - we have you have a great day for turning 2!

The Heidts

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Charlotte!