Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Our Baby

These ultrasound pictures were taken at work because the sonographers had gotten a new machine and decided to scan the pregnant people in our department to learn how to use it. So, these pictures are free-bees. I was 15 weeks when they were taken. No measurements or anything. My official ultrasound was scheduled today and will be on October 8th. That is when we should be able to find out if the baby is growing well and has the normal brain anatomy/other anatomy. No, we are not finding out the sex this time either.

I really love this picture above. I think it is so cool that you can se soooo much at only 15 weeks. One of the sonongraphers paid me the best compliment and asked me "are you sure you're only 15 weeks" I can only hope that this baby is growing well, but something inside me says he/she is.

This is a 3-D picture of the legs...

Me, celebrating my growing tummy...

And my 26th birthday. My birthday has always been special to me, of course. But, ever since I had Charlotte, it has new meaning to me. I am not sure that I can really explain that, but it is almost as if I had this huge goal when I was in the hospital... "get to my birthday" and when we/I did it, it was like a miracle. I am reminded every year that miracles do happen. We have one of them. I am reminded that God is ALWAYS with us. My birthday gives me the sense of accomplishment and somehow, a burst of energy. Just as you feel when you accomplish a goal... you usually have more energy than when you started and feel refreshed for the next challenge.

The Hawns

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