Monday, April 21, 2008

Watch For Yourself

After a lot of patience, persistence, and help from Charlotte's Physical Therapist, Kelly, I bring you the clip below...

It is absolutely amazing what Charlotte is learning to do. We began trying to get her to walk behind her "hippo" a long time ago. First, we had to teach her to hang on to the handle. Then, we weighed the hippo down with bb's and those rice packs that you warm in your microwave, put cardboard on the wheels, and still, we had hold on to her and slow the pace down so Charlotte would have enough time to move her feet without doing a face plant. Today, we are proud to say that she took her first independent steps behind the hippo, and was quite proud of herself. She did it over and over again, and it was only weighed down by the bb's and cardboard. It brough tears to my eyes again tonight as we watched the video when we finished putting it together. I truly feel like I am "walking on sunshine" today. She makes us so proud.


The Hawns


Zehr_Family said...

Way to GO!!!! Keep on walking on sunshine!!

John & Kelly said...

That brought tears to MY eyes! I'm so proud of you Charlotte! It is hard work, but it is worth it! Can! I! be! more! excited!?!?!

dickinsonfamily said...

I'm misty over here too! GOOD JOB CHARLOTTE!!! I was rooting her on while watching the video, she is so determined.

She's doing great Jenn, I love all the pictures and videos (even if I don't get a chance to post a reply often) Thanks for sharing...and keep up the wonderful work, Charlotte!

The Frost Family said...

Congratulations Charlotte! Great job...walking today, running tomorrow and many great things to do beyond.

Our best,
Tyler, Emmy and Aidan Frost

Anonymous said...

How Awesome! Look at her go! She is so determined!