Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Softball Season Begins

We had such a great day with Charlotte today. When Chris got home, we decided to go to the batting cages since our first softball game on the Boeing Softball League is tomorrow. I am joining Chris on the team this year. We will be playing every Thursday at 4:00 and then Chris and his brother, Pat will play that same day at 5:00. I am excited to have some fun, provided we can find a babysitter every week. And don't think that just because we went to the batting cages that we will be any good...
Then, while dinner was cooking, when we got home we spent some time throwing the ball around in the back yard. Charlotte had a great time just crawling around. We put a blanket back there for her to play with some toys, but she was MUCH more interested in crawling in the grass. I posted many pictures because they were all too precious for words.

She has a pretty good arm...definitely right handed

Grandma and Grandpa Hawn got her this car for her 1/2 birthday. She really does like riding in it, she is just a bit serious in this picture. She has quite the serious side, but she can really let loose too. So funny...

Charlotte's pony tail is getting longer and she left it in longer this time.
I LOVE that smile
Sucking her thumb with her arms folded...hilarious.
Charlotte has always loved having her teeth brushed. It wasn't until recently that we started letting her do it herself some. She does a good job and loves imitating us.

We hope you enjoyed the pictures of our wonderful day today.
The Hawns

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