Monday, April 28, 2008

Recent Photos

I wanted to share some photos of recent events/outings with you...
This is the same "hippo" Charlotte pushes, and she also likes to ride it. We have now taken all weights out of the hippo and are working on making sure Charlotte uses the proper mechanics for walking. She tends to want to turn her feet in.

This is Charlotte's Physical Therapist, Kelly. We went for the first time to have therapy at the place that Kelly is based out of, the Good Shepherd School For Children. We are looking into their daycare right now, just in case Kelly *(Charlotte's babysitter), decides to make some career changes in the future, and also to get her interacting with other kids. We want to be sure she is ready as far as her health goes though. We don't want any set backs.
Here, Charlotte was swinging in a swing that is flat on the bottow to practice balance. The balls are in there because she cried for them in the ball pit.
The "vest" she is wearing is not a diving suit...good guess. However, it is something we are using to help Charlotte be more aware of her core muscles and legs to help her learn balance.
Charlotte practicing with a walker...which is very scary for me on this hard tile floor because when Charlotte begins to fall, she doesn't hang on, she lets go. Luckily, there were no falls = no injuries to her head or any other body part.
This is called a Lite Gait. It is a harness suspended over a treadmill so we can work with the mechanics of her walking without having to support her upper body as well.
Yogurt smile...

We went to Blanchett park last Tues. It was so nice, and the flowers were blooming everywhere. We had a great time.

Charlotte loved everything about the swings, including the cute little boy that was swinging next to her.
Gracie Girl
Daddy had to take Charlotte on the biggest slide. Can you see the two of them at the very top?
Daddy's Girl
The Hawns

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Zehr_Family said...

I love your blog...I check it many times a week to see what is new with all of you. Charlotte is getting so big and making sure great stides daily. Just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed reading your writing and seeing the photos of Charlotte.

Kristi Zehr