Sunday, August 12, 2007

Hospital Stay Pictures

Jenn did a pretty good job of summing up the last week are so in her last CaringBridge journal I thought I would just put a few pictures from the whirlwind of a week on our blog. Enjoy!

Charlotte's Visit to the ER on Wed, Aug 1st.

Charlotte "Jail Bird" Hawn!

Charlotte in her Hospital issued uniform.

Charlotte and the therapy dog that visited!
One of our daily wagon rides.
How cute!
Just chillin' at St. John's!
Aunt Sara visits before she goes to work.
Home finally...and I get a new toy too!

We'll be sure to give everyone an update on how the appointment with the Cardiac Surgeon goes.

The Hawn's


dickinsonfamily said...

Thanks for sharing all the photos! She looks so pitiful in the wagon picture--I'm so sorry she had to go through all that. Glad she's doing better now. Natalie sends her love!

The Frost Family said...

Hawn Family,
Glad you are all back together in the comfort of your home. I'm sure Charlotte is happy to be back with her friend Gracie! We'll continue to keep Char and you guys in our thoughts and prayers.
Tyler, Emmylou, and Aidan

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful family you have. That miss Charlotte is so darn cute!! I love her in the videos. What a happy baby! God has blessed you with an awesome gift! Thanks for keeping us updated.
Ruth Fitch