Tuesday, July 31, 2007

3 French Hens, 2 Ear Infections, & a Sinus Infection Too!

After a rough night for the three of us, especially Charlotte, Daddy gets a day off work to take care of sick Charlottle. The doctor yesterday told us that she has an ear infection in both ears and a sinus infection (her 2nd) also. She also weighed in at 13 lb 7 oz, a mere 6 oz more than she was a month ago. These illnesses have really taken a toll on her....which is why we also decided to take her out of the daycare she was going to (doctor agreed with this decision). She is just so small already and she still has a lot of hills to climb in the next year. We know that all kids go though this sick "period" when they first start daycare, but we (Jenn, doctor and I) that we are better off postponing this period for our Charlotte. We are looking at maybe having an at home daycare watch her...but it is hard finding the right place that we are comfortable with...we will keep you all posted on this progress.

And finally...

Happy Birthdays to Great Grandma Crutchfield (yesterday) and Aunt Sara (today)!!

Here are 2 pics of Charlotte feeling a little under the weather....notice her half closed eyes.

-Daddy and The Family

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Jefferson Andrew said...

Hang in there Charlotte! We all hope that you feel better very soon. We love you! If your parents need a break we would be more than happy to help out too :)
Love Uncle Pat, Aunt Kristy, and Jefferson