Friday, July 27, 2007

No Surgery!! Strike 1

Yup, that's right. Charlotte has plotted against us again. She singlehandedly got herself a bacterial infection in her right eye, the DAY BEFORE surgery. (with a little help from her pals at daycare). So, I had to take her to see the eye Dr. yesterday, and he gave me something for her right eye that should help it get better soon, however, we did have to postpone surgery. He told me I did the right thing by calling, and that if we had shown up today at 5:30 AM for surgery, they would have sent us home. So, if she continues to get better, hopefully on Mon. we can reschedule her surgery for Friday, Aug. 3rd. Today she has had a bit of a stuffy nose, and now has a low grade temp. 99.6 I hope it passes before Friday. As much as we weren't looking forward to this, we did want to get it done so we can move on. Thanks for all of the prayers, and we will keep you updated about our second attempt.

We also saw Charlotte's geneticist on Wed. We will be participating in a study about Cerebellar Hypoplasia through a Harvard physician in Boston. It involves sending blood samples from the 3 of us. The geneticist also gave us her take on whether Charlotte's Cerebellar Hypoplasia could be caused by the hemorrhage/stroke, or whether she believes it to be genetic in origin. She said based on her evaluation of Charlotte's most recent MRI that she feels the symmetry of the formation of her brain is related to a genetic problem. So, a 25% chance of more children having the same problem, if she is correct. This is something we knew was possible, but she is the first person to tell us she believes she knows the cause. It makes our decisions a bit harder, but hopefully with time, more answers will come. Until then, one day at a time.

Here is Charlotte in her 4th of July dress (a few weeks ago) from Grandma Valorie. The only reason she didn't wear it ON the 4th is becasue Mommy was in KS and Daddy forgot about it in her closent.

- Mommy and Family

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