Thursday, March 24, 2011

Charlotte Hits the Gym

Someone once said that Charlotte probably won't be a gymnast, but she would beg to differ. Ever since Charlotte has seen gymnastics on television, she has been fascinated with their skill and gymnastic abilities. A few months ago, I learned of an open gym at Team Central, for children with special needs. Needless to say, we knew that was the perfect opportunity for Charlotte to experience the fun of gymnastics herself. It was nice having the whole gym to just a few kids and their parents, and watching Charlotte try it all out with Daddy's help. Daddy even "played" so hard he was exhausted that day too. We definitely plan on going back!!!

The Hawns


Anonymous said...

LOVE, love, love these pictures!!! I don't think we'll ever quit saying it, but she continues to amaze!
Kelly W.

Zehr_Family said...

Seeing those photos brought a huge smile to my face!!

Anonymous said...

She's having a ball! There's no way to not smile looking @ that huge grin on Charlotte's face.
Karen T