Thursday, July 15, 2010

Back In Time

I have several posts that I need to catch up on from June - now. We have done a lot of fun things together, and it seems as if Charlotte is changing by leaps and bounds right now. Stronger, VERY talkative (especially at home & saying all kinds of funny things each day), pretending, and overall just fun to be around most of the time. We get good reports from her at school every day and it is so fun to see her interacting with her little friends too.

So, without further adue, some pictures. I am going to start where I left off a few posts back, at our 6th Wedding Anniversary. It was on June 12th, and we celebrated the weekend before at the Cardinal's Game and a stay at the Westin downtown. It was a great way to relax as the game was just the right temperature. Charlotte didn't go to the game with us, since we are pretty certain that the roar of the crowd and the boom of the fireworks would have sent her through the roof (she still HATES loud noises).
Thank you Brad & Jamie for letting us sit in your seats! They were great, right down by the field, just past 3rd base line.

Pictures of the Arch are always inspiring somehow...
Dressed up for dinner and a walk out on the town afterwards...
The Hawns

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Brad and Jamie said...

You are welcome for the tickets. CUTE dress!!!