Sunday, March 21, 2010

Guest Bathroom Remodel

We started ripping out our bathroom for remodel the first weekend in March. We were successful in getting everything torn out so we could start putting it back together the following weekend. The old vanity was falling apart, our tub needed either re glazed or replaced, the light fixture is hideous, the linoleum in bad condition, so everything came out, hoping we could get it all back together in a timely manner.


Charlotte's favorite part by far has been the trips to Home Depot, which she claims is now her favorite store. Chris and I think it is because we let her walk in there and ride in the "race car" shopping cart.

My "Handy Manny"

New tub, successfully installed!

nailing it in place

Current stage: Chris has finished cutting all of the tile today and is now ready to set it.
Good progress made!
The Hawns

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