Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ding Dong the "Button" is GONE!

Chris went in to get Charlotte up Monday morning and found her button in bed next to her!!! This was definitely a blessing in our eyes, as the night before, I had written an note to myself to call her GI Dr. to get it scheduled to be taken out. It was 2 years ago, to the date, that is was first put in; ironic. Chris found the balloon of the g-button deflated. My theory: Charlotte horsed around too much with her cousin the day before, put a small leak in the balloon of the tube, and it completely emptied and then fell out. Without a doubt, we are ecstatic!

It made for an interesting Monday, me trying to find some way to keep her stomach from emptying everything she was eating through the hole that was left behind. We resorted to a good, thick pressure dressing and are hoping that it closes on it's own. Worst case scenario, she will need a little sedation later this week/early next, so the Dr. can put a stitch in there and help close it up. So glad to say GOOD RIDDENS to that unsightly plastic tube, but also thankful we had the option to place it when we needed it 2 years ago. Things just keep looking up for her :)


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