Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dance Class

This was so much fun and Chris and I were two very proud parents tonight. This was our trial run, and now that Charlotte is equipped with ballet slippers and tap shoes, she is ready to begin attending dance class weekly. She had a great time and we both think this opportunity is great for her! Our little "bird" is growing up and doing things we couldn't have imagined just a few months ago. She is so brave and we are extremely proud of her.

The Hawns


Anonymous said...

You were right, Jen.......this put a HUGE smile on my face!! SO proud of Charlotte - and of Mommy and Daddy! I can't wait to come to her first "recital!"
Kelly W.

Andrea said...

AWESOME! It looks like she is having a wonderful time. We just started our daughter in dance this year and she looks forward to it every week. I always love how you guys seem to find the perfect music with your videos!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how far she has came, I cried watching this video, I'm so proud of her and the both of you, anytime you need a sitter please call!! Love, Olivia

Lisa P said...

Oh my gosh, Jen, this brought huge tears to my eyes! What an emotional journey to see what a beautiful little butterfly she is becoming - and SO FAST!! I can't imagine how incredibly proud you are!!