Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy New Year

I had lots of pictures to post from last year and some great favorites already from 2010. Enjoy...

After Christmas, we bought a Wii and I especially wanted the Wii fit programs. Charlotte has been joining me with stretching out and some of the simple instructions. It is so cute to see her do it with me.

Stretching out after my elliptical workout.

She is waaay more flexible than I am. I think she'll be ready for dance lessons next year. She is great at following directions.

Ever since we raised Charlotte's bed up, she has been really excited about it. We catch her in there reading like this sometimes.

New Year's Pose... sometime after midnight. As the new year came, I was not ready for it. I didn't want to say goodbye to 2009, even though we experienced so much pain, there was also great joy. I also knew that January approaching was going to be a difficult time for us. We miss our little boy so much, and as I wander around the house, I imagine myself tripping over two toddling little kids. I can just picture him and Charlotte, romping around after each other. Chris and I plan to be together on his birthday, doing something to celebrate him. I have already bought his German Chocolate cake to make. Wish we were really celebrating with cake in the face and everything...

We are all quick to say how much Charlotte looks like her Aunt Kim, comparing pictures of the two of them at the same age. But, even here, there is no denying the resemblance.

We took Charlotte to the Magic House for some kid fun. My favorite part was the mini grocery shopping store they had. It was really fun.

Pretending to be President...

There was a Curious George exhibit at Magic House, and Charlotte was thrilled!

She even got to meet him!

Getting ready to go, I did Charlotte's hair and couldn't get over how cute she looked in braided pigtails. I LOVE having a girl, her hair is getting so long now!

Cute cute CUTE!

Playing with her phone that she got from Uncle Matt and Aunt Laura at Christmas.

Since we are having frigid temperatures, wanted to be sure to post these pictures. We bought her these snow pants with her Birthday money, and the boots, we bought last year. They still fit... She was bundled up when we went to the Angel of Hope Ceremony.

Pink Marshmallow Girl

It was late when we left the ceremony. She was Passed OUT!

Silly Charlotte, says to me from the backseat "Mommy, I got a puppet show!"

Painting a picture.

We raised Charlotte's bed up just before Christmas. She was so excited and squealed as she got on it the first time. She was given this stool when she was a baby from Chris' cousins, and she loves using it to get up and down the bed. It has come in very handy.

Happy as can be!

Showing off how good she can get up and down.

Modeling her new robe and pajamas.

And again, demonstrating proper technique for climbing into and out of bed.

On a side note, I also want to add that we are seeing a new specialist the beginning of February. He is a "diagnostician" and hopefully, will be able to be a new set of eyes/brains to help us feel more comfortable that we are doing everything we should be for Charlotte. It seems as if her current specialists are stuck and our pediatrician doesn't seem concerned about her, but Chris and I are. We see her falling further and further behind her peers in growth and stamina, and just feel like we need a second opinion. We have requested all of her records be faxed to the new Dr. and are anticipating our first appointment coming up. If he seems to agree with our pediatrician, then good, but if he has new ideas of possible explanations for her very slow growth, high blood pressure, etc. Then bring it on. We just want to know we are doing everything we can for her.
She is holding up her end of the bargain by continuing to make strides in walking better each day, and progressing nicely with speech and expressive language. Her comprehension is superb. Way to go Charlotte! Let's just see if we can get you to grow!
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Your daughter is beautiful! I’m new to your blog and think you and your family are amazing.