Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Day

Christmas Day was a lot of fun. Charlotte was so happy with what Santa brought her and as you will see in the video, realized exactly what was going on. She only asked for two specific items for Christmas, scissors (she loves cutting anything!) and a dolly. Santa was so great and found some way to tuck both of those items under the tree. Charlotte got a lot of things she needed this year, and a few things she didn't know she would love.

After we opened gifts at our house on Christmas morning, we went to Sara and Nathan's for a little while, and then over to Chris' parents to celebrate with his family. It was a great day of fun with the kids and our family.

This is just a little Christmas montage video. This was Charlotte's favorite Christmas book this year, given to her by Grandma Valorie last year. I love her antics, half way through singing Jingle Bells *like the 3rd time* Also in this vide is Christmas morning...

Charlotte is the perfect mix of girlie and tomboy. I love it!

Helping Daddy open too.

Somthing pretty.

Charlotte painted on her easil and Mommy helped her frame her art to for Daddy to take to work.

Mommy got a GPS, very useful!

One of Charlotte's favorite gifts. She loves this book/song and sings it all the time. When she opened the game, she was all smiles, screaming the song to us.

Over at Chris' parents.
A gift for Grandma and Grandpa

Charlotte's favorite gift this year, a train set that she "conducts" with the electronic handheld controller.
Cousin Julianne

Kim, Chris, & Jenn

Kim, Great Grandma Crutchfield & Jenn

Grandpa & Charlotte

Like father like son.
A great holiday!
The Hawns

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