Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mark Twain Lake

My friend Becky asked Chris and I to join her and her husband for the weekend at Mark Twain Lake. We had a great time foating around in the water, tubing, riding on the wave runner and giving water skiing a try. Although my fragile tummy was a bit "sea sick" that night, it didn't ruin the fun we had for the weekend. Thank you to Becky, Brad, Vicki and Steve (Brad's parents) for being such great hosts. I promise to take dramamine next time!

Jenn & Becky

Chris, Jenn, Becky & Brad


Trying to water ski for the first time. I had only tried one other time about 7 years ago without any luck. This time was a different story.

The Hawns

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Anonymous said...

Next step "Olympic water skiing team!!" Do they have a team for that? Go Jenn!