Sunday, August 23, 2009

Around Town

In effort to maximize "fun" for Charlotte this weekend, we packed in a lot of activities. On Friday we had Speech and PT, Charlotte got to spend a lot of time with her cousin Ian, and we let her go "Mall Walking" with her walker (she loved it). She is now strong enough to walk the entire mall without showing any signs of fatigue and you could tell how much she loved the independence it gave her.

Saturday, we spent time in the beautiful weather we were blessed with, 70's in August are just unheard of this time of year, but not this weekend. The cool breeze was so refreshing, just beckoning us to enjoy the beauty around us. In the morning, we strolled around Old St. Charles at The Festival of the Little Hills, enjoying the craft booths and buzz of people. Then that evening, we joined Chris' Grandma, Aunt Kelly and cousin Jennifer and her husband, Charlie, at McAllister's for an outdoor meal and then on to play some putt putt. Charlotte intently watched the ball as it zoomed to the other end of the green and got to practice swinging some herself (from her umbrella stroller). Maybe next year, she can walk the course. I wish we had some pictures but we had left our camera with Chris' parents and didn't get it back until today :(

Then today, we attended Church this morning where Charlotte enjoyed her weekly "pinkle" donut aka "sprinkle" donut. Charlotte also attended her first day of Sunday School with her peers as the new school year started today. Goodbye baby room, hello big girl lessons. We went by to see Pat & Kristy's new house, thankfully much closer to us than their current home, and then home for lunch and a quick nap.

Then, we went to the Erin Bode concert at a nearby church and Charlotte was a very good girl for the first half, captivated by the singing and terrified of the clapping between songs?? After the first couple of times, she decided it was okay to clap too. The second half of the concert we let her go play with the other kids in the play room. We bought a couple of c.d.'s and got her autograph on a poster that was hanging in the church advertising the concert. It was a relaxing afternoon. Just what we needed to prepare for the week ahead.

The Hawns

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