Monday, July 6, 2009

Something to Blog About

Oh goodness.... What an eventful past few days it has been. I think the cherry was placed on top of the sundae today.

3AM - we lose power... ummm instead of rolling over and setting my phone alarm, we both jumped out of bed and while Chris went to find a flashlight or candle, I hooked Ryan up to one of our portable tanks since his oxygen compressor runs on electricity. Luckily, no harm done. After it didn't come on in a few minutes, we hooked him up to the "big mamma" tank in our dining room and went back to bed.

4:30 AM - power comes back on. Too tired to get up and switch Ryan over back to the compressor.... it can wait till morning.

7:45 AM - Ryan wakes up fussy, again. Try changing diaper and getting him dressed, still no smiles. Gave him his medication, rolled over and back to sleep he went.

9 AM - Wing's nurse and social worker here... glad to see them, needed to talk.

9:15 AM - Get call from Charlotte's school, her "button" (feeding tube) fell out! EMERGENCY! Must find a way to get the new button to her school. Wings nurse offers to stay with Ryan (thank goodness!) and I race to Charlotte's aid to place a new one.

10:10 AM - on my way back home from Good Shepherd, thankful that Charlotte was ok and the tube went in easily. Rushing to get back so the Wings nurse can leave since she wasn't supposed to be there and graciously offered to help me out and stay with Ryan.

10:25 AM - lights flashing behind me as I pull into our subdivision... GOOD GRIEF! I pull into our driveway and the tears are already flooding my eyes. I simply say, "sorry, I've had a bad day and hand over my license and registration. Officer comes back with a Warning... phew. Then asks, "Is there anything I can do for you?" Me - "The story is too long to tell, I need to get inside, my son is in hospice care and his nurses are here." Officer - "If there is anything I can do to help, please call..." As I went back into the house, I was sure they were inside laughing and gasping at the flashing lights outside. To my surprise, they were in Ryan's room and didn't even know. I fessed up anyway because right before I had left, they ironically said "don't get in an accident or get a ticket". Somehow, I managed to escape both...

11 AM - back inside and calmed down, trying to keep Ryan content. Still crying... lay him down for more sleep as he seems tired.

3 PM - Ryan... still asleep, me blogging. Wishing he had enough energy to play with me and help me forget how CRAZY this day has been! I hope he is okay.



amyfish said...

OH Jenn, you've had a LONG day. I am praying for you today. I am amazed at how God works...even with the officer offering any help to you. What a blessing and it seems your family has touched his heart. I am amazed that you are able to blog. I am so glad that you do. I am sure that it is a release, a healing thing to do and just helpful to process through your thoughts and feelings. You are in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Only dare once again to make it!