Thursday, July 9, 2009

More Antibiotics

Ryan has been off antibiotics for about 2-3 days and his fever returned last night around 12 AM. We were up till almost 1AM trying to help calm him down and get him back to sleep, giving him Tylenol, Motrin and his relax medication to help him through this. The Wing's nurse came this morning and we have another round of antibiotics to start. Because Ryan can't clear the "junk" from his lungs, whenever the antibiotics are stopped, his body just can't fight off what is still there. We are going to work very hard to help him clear his lungs the best we can with the cough machine, percussive therapy to his chest, suctioning, and postural drainage positioning to help drain the lower lobes of his lungs to help him get over this yuck. I am not sure that even our efforts will be enough but it is all we can do. I hope that we can make a difference and get him feeling better soon...

The Hawn Family

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Anonymous said...

I have entire journal/books written of Helen and Nathan-isms. It's hilarous to look back on how they said things. Helen used to say 'fling-a-mingo' for flamingo when we'd go to the zoo.
Karen T