Thursday, July 9, 2009

Charlotte "isms"

Even though we have been so distracted with the challenges with Ryan lately, we still find time each day to love and appreciate just what a wonderful little girl we have too. I feel so guilty that my attention is diverted away from her so much because she is at such a cute age right now and deserves so much more than I am able to give her right now. She has been saying a lot of cute things lately and so in effort to remember them, I want to write them down. The spelling is not going to be correct as I am going to try to write them how she says things. She often talks with some type of southern twang, not sure where she gets it from. She draws out her vowels and has just the cutest, most petite little voice I've ever heard. I love you Charlotte.

"Come heeaaarr" (holding hands out to any object that will be hugged, animal, Ryan, Mommy, Daddy, ducky)

"Give hug"
"whosit" (Who is it? -wondering who is coming to the door when Gracie barks. She is getting used to a lot of visitors, unfortunately, the dog still barks.)
"Bof uv vem" (translates to: both of them; when asked to choose between one thing or another, this is her reply)
"Mommy, Mommy! Know what?" "Give hug"

"Pretty haaiiirrr" (running her fingers through my hair)

"Rock a baby" (wanting to be held in rocking position just for snuggles)
"hea go" (here you go, says when giving you something)
"I hode you" (holding her arms out, wanting you to hold her)

"Big gurl unnaware"

"pretty pannies" (Minnie Mouse panties for going potty on the pot)

"tank oooo" (thank you)

"pitures" (loves looking at pictures on cameras, computers or the digital photo frame)

"Wooo Hooo" (says whenever we are going to do something fun like take a bath or go swing)

"Go Swing! I'll be fun!" (I love this phrase, she always says i'll be fun while clapping)

"go pay in cubhouse" (wanting to go outside to play on her clubhouse)

"stan up" (tells me to stand up when I am holding her so she can then ask for rock a baby)

"call granma like hanna" (says after going potty on the pot, like hannah in her potty book)

"go poop on potty, hurry hurry mommy, fast!" (says to me as we rush back to the potty, then never actually goes poop on potty)

"my good boy" (says to Ryan as she touches him and smiles)
There are so many more. She loves to sing many songs and carries a tune pretty good for a 2 1/2 year old. She even knows "Apologize" by One Republic, and "1,2,3,4" by The Plain White T's. Another favorite song is "They" by Jem, in which she requests by saying "Ba ba da". I also love how every night she knows EXACTLY what book she wants to read and won't take suggestions from her parents. She even has certain books that she wants to read with Mommy and certain ones for Daddy. I find that very interesting, but it never fails. It isn't always the same books, but there are a few favorites. She knows most of her books by heart and can read them right along with us. She is quite the fan of counting and we have heard her count all the way to the 70's. She has become very methodical. Not sure if that is her Engineer of a Father or Nurse of a Mother coming out in her. She is into lining up her toys and the other day we even caught her turning all of the magnets on the fridge "right side up". She doesn't seem to group her toys yet but definitely likes having them all in a row.

Lining up and counting her sidewalk chalk yesterday.

Charlotte also gives the sweetest hugs and kisses goodnight. I know she probably doesn't realize right now how much she is helping us get throug this, but so many times I have been thankful to have her to hold and cling to. Sometimes the feeling is so overwhelming that she brings tears to my eyes, just anticipating her squeeze back.


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Andrea said...

What a great idea- I need to blog about some of my girl's sayings too. I think I will always remember but I am sure I wont! One of her favorites is, "Mommy, I needto show you somethin"
Also- what great news that Charlotte does NOT have SMA!

Also- LOVE your new headline picture thing on your site! So cool!