Friday, June 26, 2009

When Pigs Fly

If you are wondering why the Trivia Night is "When Pigs Fly" and what is up with the pig with wings, here is the story.

When Chris and I were dating, I discovered he collected pigs. I had collected a few butterflies over the years. The pig with wings became kind-of a symbol of the unique qualities that each of us brought to our relationship. When we were married, the double wedding ring quilt my mother made even had one square of pig fabric and one of butterfly fabric in a small corner. The "pig with wings" theme stuck and we even received several as wedding gifts. It became our "thing".

It seemed more than appropriate that it become the theme of the Trivia Night because it is our unique qualities that have made Ryan the handsome, special little boy he is. And he will use those wings someday to fly up to heaven to wait for us to join him. I had even called him my "little piggy" sometimes as his difficulty managing his saliva makes him sound like a grunting little pig. So, "When Pigs Fly" was born and will be a very memorable event for us for many reasons. It is very meaningful to us.

We also decided to have shirts made that we will be getting orders for prior to the Trivia Night if anyone is interested. A picture of the shirt will be coming soon. Chris created the pig on the banner above from one of the actual pigs that was given to us as a wedding gift. He took a picture of it, traced it on the computer, modified the wings and made it just for this occasion. It isn't just any pig with wings. It is us.

In some ways, "When Pigs Fly" to me means that the impossible can happen. And it did to us... we didn't think that it was possible to have more heartache after all we have been through with Charlotte. But, there was more. But that heartache we have experienced with our kids, the unique combination of the two of us, is the best gift we will ever be given. I am so thankful for our daughter and for our son. They are true testaments of God's strength and have taught us so much about love. What better gift is there?

The Hawns

P.S. I posted our Jeremy Project photos, but since I started the draft, it posted them a little way down. If you haven't seen them, please click here to see the post. They are gorgeous pictures. Darcie captured the beauty of our family in the photographs she took.

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