Thursday, June 18, 2009

Charlotte's Bed!

Charlotte had an MRI yesterday to help us determine if/when we may need to do her spinal surgery for her tethered spinal cord. She was such a brave girl the entire morning for vital signs (which can be scary for a 2 year old) and IV sticks (which are scary for anyone). She was such a trooper and didn't even cry a wimper when we handed her off to the anesthesiologist to take her in the room and put her to sleep. We were told that he just held her until she fell asleep and she was a complete angel. Knowing that made the experience so much less traumatic for all of us and Chris and I headed off to get some breakfast and "relax" in the hospital. Not sure that is supposed to be possible, but honestly, was the most time the two of us have had in a while to just sit with our own thoughts, together.

Waiting by the fish tanks before going back to the outpatient surgery area.
When Charlotte woke up from surgery, she was HILARIOUS. Just before she went to sleep, we had to push her "bed" down the hall the the MRI room doors. She was in my arms as we were following them saying "Charlotte's Bed!". Mommy- "Yes, that is Charlotte's bed." Well, when she woke up, she hadn't forgotten that and was saying with the slowest, most slurred speech she had ever had "Chhhh-aaaa-rrrr-loooooo-ttt-ee's B-eeeeeeeeee-dd" over and over! So funny!
She had never woke up from anesthesia "happy" before, always crying and upset and this entire experience had been so much different than all the rest. Even when Ryan was in the hospital bed and she would see a hospital bed empty, she was weary. Today, she was as calm as could be! God must have known we needed a break and blessed her with bravery that day. Her only words even during the IV were "Owie", not even a scream.

We were laughing instead of stressed the whole time we were in recovery room. Such a difference from visits past. Charlotte never threw up on the way home and we even got some funny videos of her silly self doped up on anesthesia. Maybe I'll post them later. All in all, it was a good day. We were so proud of her.
The Hawns


The Smith Family said...

Thank you, Charlotte! You knew just what Mommy & Daddy needed yesterday. Calm, peace, and some much needed laughter! I'm so glad you all were able to share a positive hospital experience together!
Take care and many prayers sent your way for more days like this (Ryan included).
Love, The Smith's

dickinsonfamily said...

I'm so glad it went well. I would LOVE to see that video of her too!
Love and prayers,