Thursday, June 18, 2009

Better Days

Ryan's last couple of days have been better. He is sleeping better again and is not quite to fussy during the day. We did end up stopping his antibiotics on Tues., maybe they were upsetting his tummy? Maybe he was tired of them? Whatever the reason, we are thankful. Here are some pictures from the last few days.
pushing Ryan in his swing before nap time today
Thanks to Good Shepherd's therapy closet, we were able to borrow this arch to suspend some of Ryan's toys out of his face and in a better position for him. They also let us borrow this new chair for the bathroom for Ryan to take baths on. His baby bathtub was too steep of an incline for his head and he was not tolerating the upright position. This is a much better solution for him.

Check out the new set up for bath time. Much more comfortable for Ryan.

cheek to cheek

something wrong with this picture?

Playing blocks with Mommy & Daddy. Leaning tower of Charlotte.

A Castle for her ponies.

Therapeutic Listening - being used to block out the thunder outside... multipurpose.

The Boys of the house, kick'n back

The Hawns

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