Thursday, June 25, 2009

big sister & LITTLE BROTHER

Some pictures from the past week.

Charlotte has become so addicted to pushing Ryan in the swing that when someone gets close and she thinks they are going to make her stop, she has uttered the ugly words "Go Away" and has gotten in BIG trouble for it. I know she just likes to push him, but most of the time we are just sitting there to make sure she doesn't hurt herself and lose her balance. If she only knew...

Special delivery! We have been receiving so many yummy deserts and meals that I felt the urge to do something nice for others. I made a few little deserts and delivered to our neighbors that have helped out last week. Charlotte accompanied me.

Father's Day: waiting for Jeff to arrive so they can play in the pool out back.

They won't fit in that tiny pool together much longer. They play so well together. I think Charlotte will always be very close to her cousin Jeff and Ian.

Jules gets a turn in the swing. Charlotte doesn't care who swings as long as she is the one pushing!

A little "bro"mance

The Guys

The Gals
The Gang

Special Report: Sister is squashed by mammoth brother.

Opening Father's Day card made at school. The photo on the front was priceless, I'll try to post it soon.

Back seat of the car on the way home from Children's the other day. I had run inside to pick up dinner on the way home. Somehow, I was sitting back there with him when we were driving. To the left is the car seat that we bailed him out of 10 minutes into the trip. Not much room left in the seat for our growing boy.

Check'n himself out in the mirror today. Who is that handsome devil?

When Charlotte got home from school on Monday, she was asking about Ryan right away. Chris said they were talking about him the whole way home. When she saw me holding him, she climbed onto the couch and said "I hold him." So, I let her... and began rolling the camera to capture the moment.

The Hawns

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That video is something you will always treasure!