Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I wanted to thank my Aunt Joyce for dinner tonight and helping with the kids while I had a evening out. Thank you to my wife for not minding that I take a break and spend some time with my family. I attended my sister Kim's (Ryan's Godmother) soccer game. Her(my) school, Hazelwood West, was playing in a regional game (they already won districts). I met my parents so we could ride together and was happy to find that my brother Pat and his son Jeff were also in the car. When we arrived at the game my younger brother Matt was also there with a friend. It was nice to spend some time with my entire family at a location other than a hospital or at our house. It was just a nice mental break for me. Several people asked me about our family and all I could really say is that we were "doing as well as can be expected" and "hanging in there". I hate to give such a "surface" answer, but sometimes that's really all people want to hear. They don't want me to go into how difficult it is, or how we cry at some point almost everyday. I also like to focus on the positive....and on the positive side we are doing as "as well as can be expected".

Unfortunately, they lost the game 3-2 (they came back to tie it after being down 2-0), but they had a good season. Kim had an assist and the team left it all on the field. So congrats to the Lady Cats. Next season Kim will be a senior, so they have one more year to go all the way.

Sleep well,
Dad and the Family

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Anonymous said...

Thanks brother for coming... i love you guys