Friday, May 29, 2009

Quick Note

Wanted to let everyone know that we were able to talk to Dr. Connolly, the neurologist specialist that we saw at Wash U last week. She helped us with questions about SMA type 1 and brought some clarity to the situation. We will post more about our conversation later, but I will say that today we were able to find some peace...

A huge thanks to our neighbors, Eric & Mag for insisting to mow our lawn for us. It was difficult for Chris to accept the help, however, he was relieved not to have that chore to add to the list this weekend. With BOTH of them mowing, they finished the entire yard in record time. We also want to thank Maureen for dinner yesterday and for staying to help "entertain" Ryan while we attempted to eat a meal without getting up 50 times to do something other than eat. Maureen is a family friend and was also the real estate agent we, my sister and Chris' brother has used to help us find and buy our first homes. I also want to thank Audrey for sending over the casserole and brownies. I must say, they are delicious, gooey just the way I like them. Chris and I joke that we may sign up for the next season of "The Biggest Loser".

That's all for tonight... will fill you in on more details tomorrow.

The Hawns

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