Saturday, May 30, 2009

Quality Time

First, I want to share some pictures with you...

Charlotte pretending to eat and play "drive thru window"

Further back...

Gracie could have been a stunt dog! I snapped this pic at just the right moment.

Gracie Girl

The first time we attempted to get Ryan outside while still attached to the oxygen compressor. Chris doubted me when I told him I wanted to try and get it outside and the tubing reached. I was determined!

Sporting Cards gear

Mommy's new glasses... ordered them just before Ryan was in the hospital. Look at his blue eyes!

Just after bath time

So handsome, always checking out who is around. He doesn't miss a thing.

Okay, this picture she will probably always hate us for, but we had to take it anyway. She LOVES her sunglasses, indoors or out and the tall socks were because she had a bug bite on her ankle that she wouldn't leave alone.

Bubble Blowin' King

"The Boys" - Ian and Ryan This picture doesn't show it but Ian had a really hard time leaving Ryan's feeding tube and oxygen alone. Good thing he isn't living with us because he also like to lock his teeth into the tubing on the floor that goes back to the compressor. Who knew tubing was such a great teething tool.


Sara has been such a great support for me the last few weeks. I am not sure what I would do without her. If I wrote a thank you for all she has done, little and big, I would probably pay a fortune in postage and thank you cards. Sara - you are the best sister and have done so much more than I could ever ask for. That is the thing, you do it all without being asked...

The Hemmann Family plus Ryan

Queen Charlotte in her bubble jacuzzi. Daddy helped decorate her crown.

Posing as a soccer stud.

No words to describe how I feel about our son... Looking at him is like looking at an angel.

Ryan looking on at his big sis, he loves being entertained by her.

And she loves entertaining him. She will push him in his swing for hours if we let her. Today, when he started to fuss, we told her she had to stop. When I pried her away, she threw a fit as if I had told her we wouldn't read books before bed, a favorite activity every night.

Sweet boy, resting on the couch next to me. We just couldn't get close enough.

Trying to spend more time outside today... Ryan wasn't as happy in the bouncy chair.

Daddy and Charlotte being silly together again. She was practicing being a monkey. She was the one who told Chris she wanted to climb the tree. Of course we encouraged it.

Shimmy Up

Pure Joy

Practicing riding her tricycle that Grandma got her for Christmas. Still working on getting her feet on the pedals and pushing.

The Hawns


Anonymous said...

Look at all you beautiful grandbabies! I love each one of you so much - can't wait to play with you again. Love, Grandma Val

Our Crew said...

Precious pics! Good for you guys getting in all that time outside these last few days - it has been such nice weather. Thanks for sharing!