Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ryan's First Visit to Kansas

Ryan was one day shy of turning 2 months old when we were finally able to make the trip to Kansas for my family to meet Ryan. (My mom came when he was born, but he had a lot of Great Grandparents to meet!). We had a great trip, both kids well behaved and we even did our first double diaper change in the car. As long as we had a plan, we did great with the traveling part.
Charlotte was my shadow that day as I scurried around trying to get last minute packing done. She was quite fascinated with her hat that day and wore it around the house everywhere.

We busted out the DVD player, hoping Charlotte would doze off into a slumber since we left during her nap time. On the contrary, she was awake for the ENTIRE 5 hour trip, so dedicated to her friend Mickey Mouse that even the headphones about to fall off didn't stop her from listening and watching.

We arrived just in time to watch the KU game of the NCAA, when they lost. Darn. The following day, we spent some time with my Dad's parents.

Both Great Grandmas got the opportunity to feed Ryan... This is Great Grandma Davidson.

Great Grandpa and his famous brown chair, kickin' back.

We stayed and had a nice lunch, then went home so Charlotte could go swimming with Grandma at the new YMCA in town.

Grandma had heard how much Charlotte likes swimming in therapy every Wednesday and wanted to see her in action. We got both kids dressed for the pool, but Ryan ate the whole time and didn't even get in the water. But Charlotte had a great time, that is until she thought she was as independent as the other kids in the pool and didn't want Daddy to hang on to her. Little did she know that she would sink if it wasn't for his help. Let's just say, there were definitely tears. Overall, she had a great time. Water-wings, here she comes.

While we were in the warmth of the pool area, it was a blizzard outside.

Great Grandma and Papa Pool, happy to see their grandchildren. We watched the KU game with them Friday night and also had chilli with them on Saturday to warm up from the cold weather.

I LOVE the look on her face in this picture. She loves how silly Papa is with her.

Grandma enjoys some snuggles with Ryan. He was much smaller the last time she saw him in the hospital. Now her arms are tiring much quicker...

No sibling rivalry here yet...just love, hugs and kisses from the big sister.

A picture with her two Grandchildren, Grandma just can't get enough of them.
The Hawns

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