Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Kids: faucet and pumpkin

These pictures were taken before our trip to Kansas and I hadn't had a chance to post them. They are pretty random with a common theme. Charlotte always has a runny nose, and Ryan is as orange as babies come. **An explanation of this coming soon. I'll wait for a good picture so you can see what I mean.
Charlotte's nose has run so much lately that even she has mastered the sucker bulb technique. I know most of you moms out there are amazed that she will even let us get withing 5 feet of her with that, as most kids hate it. Not her.

Making faces with Daddy...

Whenever I put Ryan on his tummy to work on neck strength, he ends up with a snooze instead.

I think Ryan is ELECTRIC orange in this picture. After careful consideration, it was off to the pediatrician for an explanation. He has "breastmilk jaundice" which is related to some protein in my breastmilk that prevents his liver from breaking down bilirubin. As harmful as it may sound, it is completely harmless and we were told it required no treatment. The one thing we could do is take him off of breastmilk for a few days so his liver can work it out on it's own, and then the jaundice shouldn't return. **OF COURSE we did that because I had to know it would go away and I just wanted to know he was okay. I was sure he had some aweful disease that would require major treatment... but, turns out his color has improved and hopefully, I will no longer be posting pictures of pumpkins on our blog... at least not until fall.

No sister could be sweeter...

Ryan, dressed in his Sunday best for his first trip to Church.

The Hawns

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